The 4th International Grandmasters’ Tournament the Lublin Union Memorial is set to take place from 23rd to 29th May in Lublin, Poland.

Ten players are lined for the round robin tournament which will be an Ukrainian-Polish matter or business as each country is represented with five participants.

Update: GM Mateusz Bartel informs: “The tournament will be played in double Scheveningen format, where each member of one federation plays twice against all members of the other team. One leg will be played with classical time control, the second leg will be in rapid. There is also an idea to structure a blitz competition.”

The tournament is organized by the Lublin Chess Club. Average elo is 2642, according to March rating list and subject of possible change in May.

1 GM Efimenko Zahar UKR 2695
2 GM Korobov Anton UKR 2679
3 GM Kryvoruchko Yuriy UKR 2666
4 GM Bartel Mateusz POL 2665
5 GM Socko Bartosz POL 2647
6 GM Zherebukh Yaroslav UKR 2642
7 GM Fedorchuk Sergey A UKR 2634
8 GM Miton Kamil POL 2623
9 GM Macieja Bartlomiej POL 2605
10 GM Swiercz Dariusz POL 2565

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