The 32nd International Chess Open in the Principality of Liechtenstein will take place on 23-31st May, 2014, at the Gemeindesaal Triesen.

The tournament will be held under the aegis of S.D. Erbprinz Alois von und zu Liechtenstein.

The prizes in the main Open event will be: 1st – CHF 2’000, 2nd – CHF 1’500, 3rd – CHF 1’200, 4th – CHF 1’000, 5th – CHF 800, 6th – CHF 700, 7th – CHF 600, 8th – CHF 500, 9th – CHF 400, 10th – (until 10th Hort-System) CHF 300, 11th to 20th – (ranking) CHF 200.

Last year winner was Grandmaster Vadim Malakhatko.

The prizes in the special Seniors Open (players born in 1954 or earlier) will be: 1st – CHF 800, 2nd – CHF 600, 3rd – CHF 400, 4th – CHF 300, 5th – CHF 200, 6th to 10th – CHF 100

Both groups will be played over 9 rounds of Swiss pairings. Chief Arbiter will be IA Albert Baumberger. More information on the official website.

History of the International Chess-Open in Principality of Liechtenstein

The Chess-Federation of Liechtenstein is very proud of having been host for thousands of chess players from over 50 countries all over the world.

The FL-Tournament in the Middle of Europe started its history in 1983 with 56 participants and a brilliant victory of Grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi. Also in the following two years Korchnoi couldn’t be stopped on his triumphal procession. In the year 1990 the number of participants reached nearly 200 chess players (193).

In the last few years the average was between 130 and 160 attending chess players, with 20 to 30 Fide titulars (GM, IM ,FM) p.a.

The perfect tournament conditions as the playing venue, the atmosphere between the players, the friendly staff and last but not least the attraction of the nice country Liechtenstein make the FL-Open an inherent part in the agenda of many chess players.

The tournament is split in two categories: The FL-Open and the Senior-Tournament. This year one of the most magnificent woman in the chess world, Ex-World champion Nona Gaprindashvili, will take part in the Senior-Tournament, which makes the organizing committee extremely proud.

The Chess Federation of Liechtenstein will be pleased to welcome chess players from all over the world taking part on the 32. FL-Open and it will also be a great pleasure for all members of the Liechtenstein Chess Federation to make the stay enjoyable.

Participants (Open) – Top seeds:

1 GM Bogner Sebastian GER 2558
2 GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2480
3 GM Farago Ivan HUN 2462
4 GM Van Der Weide Karel NED 2450
5 GM Sergeev Vladimir UKR 2445
6 IM Izsak Gyula HUN 2439
7 GM Cebalo Miso CRO 2419
8 IM Hommeles Theo NED 2417
9 IM Bruno Fabio ITA 2410
10 IM Stets Dmitry UKR 2410
11 GM Paehtz Thomas GER 2401
12 FM Bezemer Arno NED 2311

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