Hacker’s Chess Move

Submitted by Scott Goldberg on October 3, 2007 – 4:20am.

In the classic technology battle between the suits (corporations) and the anarchists (hackers), the chess game is a back-and-forth affair in which each side evades the power and authority of its counterpart. The game between Apple and iPhone hackers has been one of the more lively contests in recent times, as the product’s desirability and limitations made it a natural target for creative hacking.

Being available solely to AT&T customers, the hackers quickly pounced on the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, creating easy ways to “open” the phone to unauthorized software and “unlock” them for use on any network. Many speculated that Apple was behind the hacks in one way or another, seeing as how the unlocked phones naturally foretold a wider potential customer base.

But AT&T voiced its anger loud and clear, and Apple apparently had no plans to unlock the phones either, creating a firmware upgrade that rendered the hacked phones useless.

Now for another countermove by the hackers: Instructions for reversing the update have become available on the hacker and tool site iPhone Dev Wiki, but not all of the iPhone’s capabilities have been restored.

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