We will open the virtual gates at 10.00 AM (CEST) at online.globalchessfestival.com

For the program with the exact starting times check this link.

Some of the highlights:


Judit Talks with Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, John Nunn, Jan Timman and Simen Agdestein – Biggest Milestones of Judit Polgar – Chess Puzzles with Morgan Stanley – Tips for Chess Parents – and much more.


Take part (if you signed up) or follow various chess events: The Chess Palace Cup,  the World Continental Online Youth Team Cup, the Chess Challenge and Simuls by the Polgar Sisters.


The Art of Feedback – It’s OK to Make Mistakes – Let’s Math on the Chessboard – Play Code with Morgan Stanley – the Judit Polgar Method for Preschoolers and more.


Chess behind Bars – Business Lessons from Chess – Developing Social Skills – Talk with John Nunn -Chess and Decision-making in Sports – Vladimir Kramnik, AI and new Chess Variants.


Chess Songs – Virtual Art Galleries by Sofia Polgar and Mariya Yugina – Photo Galleries by Alina l’Ami and David Llada – Chess Films: The Polgar Sisters, Chess Mind, Rising Above.

After registering to the website online.globalchessfestival.com from your PC, you can download the Global Chess Festival App from the App Store.

Let’s enjoy the Chess Connects Us Experience together!

-The Global Chess Festival Team