The 2017 PanAm Youth Championships officially ended! Congratulations to all who participated.

To be one of the top finishers on the podium, a lot of hard work and sacrifices must be made long beforehand. Then during the tournament, players must fight hard without fear and doubt.

What one lacks in “natural talent” can be compensated by sheer will, determination, and dedication. I for one is an example of that. I have never considered myself to be a particularly talented chess player. But I was always willing to work so much harder than all others.

Because of my total commitment of excellence, I was able to become the first female to earn the men’s Grandmaster title, won the first ever triple-crown (World Blitz, Rapid & Classical Championships), as well as 10 Olympiad medals (5 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze), and so much more.

So to all who did not achieve what they set out to do in this PanAm Youth, reset your goals then work even harder. And to those who were successful, do not just sit back and enjoy your accomplishments. Others are after you next time so continue to work hard.

Good luck to all!

About 1,000 photos of all rounds, opening & closing ceremonies, as well as the 2 chess simuls:

Closing Ceremony:
Round 9:
Round 8:
Chess simul 2:
Round 7:
Round 6:
Chess simul:
Round 5:
Round 4:
Round 3:
Round 2:
Round 1:
Opening ceremony:

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