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Here are some of the top seeds:

HOWELL, David W L, 2614g; CONQUEST, Stuart, 2572g; JONES, Gawain C, 2554g; GORDON, Stephen, 2537g; WILLIAMS, Simon K, 2527g; ARKELL, Keith C, 2521g; WELLS, Peter, 2498g; GORMALLY, Daniel, 2490g; TRENT, Lawrence, 2471m; HEBDEN, Mark, 2468g; SUMMERSCALE, Aaron, 2454g; GREET, Andrew N, 2443m; COBB, James, 2432m (WLS); PALLISER, Richard JD, 2413m; BUCKLEY, Graeme, 2398m; HOUSKA, Jovanka, 2392m; KOLBUS, Dietmar, 2383m (GER); LANE, Gary, 2379m (AUS); etc.

The 96th British Chess Championships will take place on July 26 – August 8, 2009 at Torquay.

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