Men’s Team: (2004 showing – 4th place)

By rating – GMs Nakamura(*), Kamsky, Onischuk, Ibragimov(*), Kaidanov, and Akobian(*) – (Captain TBA)

Main competition for medals: Russia, Ukraine, England, Israel, India, Armenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, China and Georgia

Women’s Team: (2004 showing – Team Silver medal + 3 individual medals [2 gold – 1 silver])

By rating – IM Zatonskih, IM Krush, WGM Goletiani(*) +1 more player TBA (probably WGM Baginskaite or WFM Abrahamyan) – Captain: GM Yury Shulman

Main competition for medals: China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, India, Poland, Hungary, Armenia, France and Germany

(*) First time Olympian Posted by Picasa

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