The FIDE Online Juniors World Blitz Championship Semifinal was held on October, 8, 2015 on the official FIDE Online platform.

The event was an 11-round Swiss tournament with the time control 3′+2” and 16 players advanced to the final.

2015 World U20 champion GM Mikhail Antipov(Russia), IM Daniel Fernandez (England, WFM Tea Gueci(Italy), FM Ruifeng Li (United States), FM Marko Sokac (Croatia), Francesco Claudio Agnello (Italy), Antonio Ruperez Benito (Spain), Paulius Pultinevicius (Lithuania), Zachary Tanenbaum (United States), Artem Sadovsky (Russian Federation), FM David Gorodetzky (Israel), GM Matthias Bluebaum (Germany), Vincenzo Angelo Lombardi (Italy), FM Saikrishna Gottipati (India), FM Qing Aun Lee (Singapore) and Anatole Vlachos (Greece) proceeded to the next Stage, where a rich prize fund of US$ 4,250 is allocated, while the winner will be awarded with the prestigious title of FIDE World Online Junior Blitz Champion.

Two players have been disqualified for cheating – Ilya Makoveev (Russian Federation) who finished first with 9/11 points and Shubham Shukla (India) who took eighth place with 6.5 points. They will not be allowed to take part in the Final tournament.

Despite the above-mentioned cheating cases, FOA is pleased with the overall fair play at the FIDE Online Juniors World Blitz Championship and is proud to announce that the Final Stage will take place on October 22nd, 2015 at 13:00 GMT/UTC.

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Final standings (top 20):

2 GM Mikhail Antipov (2542) Russian Federation 9.0
3 IM Daniel Fernandez (2450) England 8.0
4 WFM Tea Gueci (2359) Italy 7.5
5 FM Ruifeng Li (2366) United States 7.0
6 FM Marko Sokac (2321) Croatia 7.0
7 Francesco Claudio Agnello (1928) Italy 7.0
9 Antonio Ruperez Benito (2150) Spain 6.5
10 Paulius Pultinevicius (1949) Lithuania 6.5
11 Zachary Tanenbaum (2083) United States 6.5
12 Artem Sadovsky (2390) Russian Federation 6.5
13 FM David Gorodetzky (2580) Israel 6.5
14 GM Matthias Bluebaum (2523) Germany 6.5
15 Vincenzo Angelo Lombardi (2063) Italy 6.5
16 FM Saikrishna Gottipati (2406) India 6.0
17 FM Qing Aun Lee (2092) Singapore 6.0
18 Anatole Vlachos (1994) Greece 6.0
19 IM Nicola Altini (2345) Italy 5.5
20 FM Alessio Viviani (2102) Italy 5.5

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