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The 14th Delhi International GM Open Tournament will be held from January 9-16, 2016, at Ludlow Castle Sports Complex, Civil lines, New Delhi, India with a record prize fund of 3,500,000 INR (approximately $47,500).

The event consists of three main tournaments:

Category A – for players rated 2000 Elo & above. Players who crossed the FIDE rating of 2000 & above in their career are only allowed to participate in Category A tournament
Category B – for players rated 1999 Elo & below
Category C – for players rated 1599 Elo & below

Category A tournament will be a 10-round Swiss open, played according to the FIDE laws of chess. The time control will be 90’ + 30”.

The top prizes in this section will be awarded as follows: 300,000 INR/ 200,000 INR/ 100,000 INR/ 80,000 INR/ 60,000 INR/ 40,000 INR/ 30,000 INR/ 25,000 INR/ 20,000 INR, etc., with many additional category prizes for the best players.

The prize fund in Category B tournament will be in total of 1,150,000 INR, while the winners in Category C tournament will be granted 1,100,000 INR.

The organizers offer free air ticket along with free boarding and lodging to the first 25 Grandmasters with Elo rating 2500 & above on the basis of first come first served.

IM Vishal Sareen (Foreign Players):

Tournament website

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