EU Youth Chess Championship 2014 is underway. The level of the event is very good, competitions are balanced and after four rounds there are just three players with full amount of points. In the category U8 is in the top duo Rajat Makkar (FRA), Jan Wojdak (POL), in U10 trio Valentin Mitev (BUL), Georg Aleksander Pedoson (EST), Theo Ciccoli (FRA), in U12 duo Kirill Chukavin (EST), Tamas Vanczak (HUN), in U14 Viktor Haring (SVK) and in unofficial part of the championship, in U16 Marek Karas (SVK). Since beautiful and combative games are seen, the organizers award best games in each category with prize every day. After the first four rounds Vladislav Nazarov (EST), Timothe Razafindratsima (FRA), Petya Karaivanova (BUL), Matei-Pavel Dumitrescu (ROU), Theo Ciccoli (FRA), Tomas Brnusak (SVK), Georg Aleksander Pedoson (EST), Kristina Subjakova (SVK), Camille Ginovart (FRA), Tamas Vanczak (HUN), Gabriela Antova (BUL), Tomi Kugappi (FIN), Kirill Chukavin (EST), Viktoria Radeva (BUL), Viktor Haring (SVK), Roman Orlov (EST), Kai Pannwitz (SCO), Marek Karas (SVK), Natalie Kanakova (CZE) and Lennart Koehn (SCO) have been awarded.

Additional programme started on Saturday with simultaneous game with IM Pavel Simacek (CZE, 2473). IM Simacek won with score 13:3. Michael Ifalore (ENG) and Gabija Simkunaite (LTU) had beaten the international master and a draw had been managed by Ema Pociute (LTU) and Sara Simalcikova (SVK). Among others leisure time activities, participants of this tournament mostly visit and use swimming pool, bowling, table tennis and enjoying the beauty of the nature in surroundings.

All games are transmitted on-line, so the parents and trainers either at home or present in the hotel can watch their charges. For present viewers 24 games is projected in hotel hall on two screens.

All information about the event, including results, online games, photos, etc. can be found at

Ing. Zdenek Fiala
Director of the championship
Chessclub Svetla nad Sazavou

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